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Matthew Smith, invitation for Typical Works, 2008

Matthew Smith

Typical Works

April 24th - May 23rd, 2008
Opening Thursday 24th, 7-9 pm

Press release

« I used to be interested in the idea that you could take an object and disassociate it from its meanings and uses. I soon realized that’s completely impossible, but what’s interesting is if you can have all those associations and implications as a backdrop for the matter.»

—-- Matthew Smith

In Typical Works Matthew Smith challenges the boundaries of his practice. Smith treats his work with a completely conceptual concern, by not trying to force meanings on objects that aren’t already there. He uses his materials in ways they have a natural propensity for and avoids the pitfalls of representational work. Smith’s ambition is for there to be no differentiation between the idea and the materials or objects - the ideas are the objects.

Smith’s sculptural works, which include hand dyed duvets, loosely painted mirrors and wooden tables may tempt interpretations, yet they refuse to authorize them. The exhibition asks a lot of the observer, the works don’t provide context and askew narrative. Smith emphasizes the relationship of sculptures to the space and to each other, impeding the viewer’s direct access yet balancing obstruction with reflection. Smith is interested in making demanding work where definitions are purposefully left inconclusive, and a sense of meaning develops over an economy of carefully handled objects.

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