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Matthew Dipple, Seen Above, 2007-8, printed paper and spray paint, 8.5" x 5.5"

4 Weeks / 4 Shows

Benedicte Sehested

V. L. and other pseudonyms or while my hair grows longer
Opening February 27th 7-9pm   Through March 8th
Press release  |  Biography (doc)

Brina Thurston

Dark Pump
Opening March 12th 7-9pm   Through March 22nd
Press release  |  Biography (doc)

Matthew Dipple

Ever Est
Opening March 25th 7-9pm   Through April 5th
Press release  |  Biography (doc)

Brendan Fowler

last Disaster / first BARR
Opening April 9th 7-9pm   Through April 19th
Press release  |  Biography (doc)


Matthew Dipple’s work explores ideas relating to the after effects of the rapid rate of growth, development and change that we have experienced in the last century. The first successful ascent of Everest occurred in the middle of the 20th century: an idealist, hope-ridden challenge to climb the highest point on earth. John Hunt’s first hand account of this climb, “The Ascent of Everest”, is the foundation for this exhibition.

Through direct manipulation of every page of Hunt’s book, which details this “ultimate” undertaking, Dipple aims to re-establish the story through a more personal objective: a formal study of a very human need for endeavor. Dipple has methodically painted every single page of “The Ascent of Everest”, masking off a specific area in the shape of a triangle, thus focusing attention onto a particular detail on each leaf. In doing so Dipple contemplates the directionality of mans goals in an era driven by a need to push the boundaries of existence and understanding. 

The book pages become displayed as single sided objects and are also used as frames of three animated videos projected as part of an installation. The installation is a distorted representation of the narrative, turning it fantastic as if the past has become a dated vision of the future.

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