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Diane with Diane, Cinders Gallery by Brina Thurston, 2007

4 Weeks / 4 Shows

Benedicte Sehested

V. L. and other pseudonyms or while my hair grows longer
Opening February 27th 7-9pm   Through March 8th
Press release  |  Biography (doc)

Brina Thurston

Dark Pump
Opening March 12th 7-9pm   Through March 22nd
Press release  |  Biography (doc)

Matthew Dipple

Ever Est
Opening March 25th 7-9pm   Through April 5th
Press release  |  Biography (doc)

Brendan Fowler

last Disaster / first BARR
Opening April 9th 7-9pm   Through April 19th
Press release  |  Biography (doc)


Upon entering the gallery you are greeted by not one but eight front desks, each is stationed by an authentic gallery assistant, borrowed from several prominent New York galleries. Each woman will be supporting Brina Thurston and gallery for the duration of the show and providing the public with select information about the art on view.

They do not collect dust, nor do they age, nor do they fade. Scrutinized as closely as the art they watch over, the gallery assistants must be flawless, they must reinforce the myth of what the gallery is trying to sell. An immaculate world, with light and space too excessive for any practical living, the gallery houses an attitude of blasť, perfected by hours of sheer ennui. This encounter is unavoidable and an opportunity usually ignored and untapped by the artist.

Due to the amount of assistants working in the front, all work will be on view in the back room. Thurston has compiled sculpture, photography and sound installations, comprised of institutional critiques, rock instruments, dog hair, and cheese calzones.

Dark Pump is Thurstonís first solo show in New York.

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