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Christian Denzler, Portraits of Unknown Persons- Nine Drawings, 2007

Christian Denzler

Portraits of Unknown Persons
Nine Drawings

June 21th - July 27th, 2007
Opening reception June 21th, 7-9 pm

Press release

Denzler’s inspiration for this recent body of work comes from his collection of flea market photographs. The drawings capture the eerie stillness found in portraits of the past.

Denzler’s work plays on the ephemeral nature of drawing. It conveys an extraordinary commitment to consistency; the presence of his hand is unreadable. His drawings are balanced by contrast, precise yet muted, a faint impression of anonymous faces. They exist in the in-between, the intangible moment when an image emerges from the surface of the plane.

Christian Denzler lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

« …And no one ever comes back again, ever…Casts of statues can be kept, and moulds that go on producing identical objects ; but my body, my face, my thoughts, my desires will never return. And yet there’ll be millions, billions of individuals born who will all have, within the space of a few centimetres, a nose, eyes, a forehead, cheeks, and a mouth as I have, and also a soul as I have, without myself ever returning, without anything recognizable as part of me reappearing in those innumerable , different beings –different in indefinable ways, yet all approximately similar... »

— excerpt from the novel Bel-Ami by Guy de Maupassant

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