Lansing-Dreiden is a company that sees no distinction between art and commerce —or anything else. Hence, the output of the organization may manifest itself in various forms,from video to music to product design to the construction of narratives. All Lansing-Dreiden projects are fragmentary, merthe very definition of “path” paths.


'What Was Once One' Works from the D.I. Collection MMV-MMVI, a 72-page catalog containing images of work from 'What Was Once One,' with essays by Kevin Zucker.

What Was Once One, a solo exhibition featuring selected works from the 'D.I. Collection,' Rivington Arms Gallery, NYC.

Death Notice IV, the fourth installment of Lansing-Dreiden's newspaper.

A Line You Can Cross, a 3-minute, live-action music video.

L-D Section II, a five-piece live incarnation of Lansing-Dreiden's recorded output

The Dividing Island, a 10-title audio CD written, recorded and produced entirely by Lansing-Dreiden, NYC.


Glass Corridor, a 4-minute, animated music video.

L-D Section I, a nine-piece live incarnation of Lansing-Dreiden's recorded output.


Death Notice III, the third installment of Lansing-Dreiden's newspaper.

A.E.O.T.N., a series of thirty graphite, gouache and ink drawings. Rivington Arms Gallery, NYC.

The Incomplete Triangle, a 12-title audio CD written, recorded and produced entirely by Lansing-Dreiden, NYC. Re-released by Kemado Records.


An Effect of the Night, a 4-minute, animated music video. New Museum, NYC.

A Sectioned Beam, a 4-minute, live action music video produced by Lansing-Dreiden. Guild & Greyshkul, NYC.

A Sectioned Beam EP, a 4-title audio CD written, recorded and produced by Lansing-Dreiden, NYC.

Quiet Earth exhibited as part of the 1st Prague Biennial at The National Gallery in Prague, curated by Jens Hoffman. Prague, Czech Republic.

BIG: Miami Crisis, Lansing-Dreiden art directs Big Magazine's 2003 Miami issue.

Quiet Earth video shown at The Armory Show by Rivington Arms, NYC.

Death Notice II, the winter installment of Lansing-Dreiden's newspaper.

Rectilinear Field, a series of five 14.5 x 22" black and white fiber prints mounted on aluminum each with accompanying soundtrack, ten 9 x 12 ink on paper drawingsmounted on sintra and suspended on custom hanging devices. Rivington Arms Gallery,NYC.

Quiet Earth and drawings exhibited as part of "International Paper" show, organized by the UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA.

The Incomplete Triangle, a 12-title audio CD written, recorded and produced entirely by Lansing-Dreiden, NYC.


La Reunión, A drawing based on a found letter by Sr. Rafa Santos-Lansing shown atLombard Freid Fine Arts, NYC.

Quiet Earth at the Secession museum as part of show curated by Rirkrit Tiravanija.Vienna, Austria.

L-D Chandelier animation exhibited as part of a group exhibition entitled "I Just Can'tPretend" curated by Dan Torop. Derek Eller Gallery, NYC.

Shallow Interiors drawings and Quiet Earth video exhibited. Marc Foxx Gallery, LosAngeles, CA.

L-D Ambassador, video footage and stills of Lansing-Dreiden's Miami Ambassador visiting a Miami art gallery opening, viewing work and attempting to learn from eachwork by drawing a portrait of it. Snitzer Gallery, Miami.

Death Notice I, the first volume of Lansing-Dreiden's newspaper distributed in New York, Miami, Madrid & Los Angeles.

Shallow Interiors, a series of four 35.5 x 22.5" ink & gouache on paper drawings with inter-connected custom walnut frames. Rivington Arms Gallery, NYC.


L-D Chandelier Proposal, a 3-dimensional animation of functionality and soundtrackcreated.

Nikki B. jewelry & accessories store interior designed by Lansing-Dreiden, NYC.

Quiet Earth, a 7-minute, fully-animated music video produced entirely by Lansing-Dreiden, accompanied by seven 45 x 34walnut frames. LFL Gallery, NYC.

Versions/Versiónes, a 9-minute song & accompanying footage shot by Lansing-Dreiden in San José, Costa Rica versioned by a curated group of artists and exhibited at theWallach Gallery, NYC.


Lansing-Dreiden's renewal & passage into the new millennium, Miami, FL.


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